Any of Deco S.p.A.’s activities evolves from the awareness that waste can become a resource

    Beginning with the preliminary stage of studies and research up to the final and execution plan of the plants, Deco S.p.A. pays particular attention to the innovation of business processes also by providing economic, financial and plant management plans, both in the operational and post-operational phase.

The Deco S.p.A. energy recovery plants, with a total capacity of 4,427 kW and a maximum production capacity of approx. 34,000,000 kWh at full strength, are able to meet the needs of 13,000 households.Landfill gas capture amounts to 21,620,000 Nm3 and the production of electricity resulting from it avoids the use of traditional sources such as oil for a quantity of 8,966 tonnes, as well as the emission of 23,868 tonnes of carbon dioxide released to the atmosphere.

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