Any of Deco S.p.A.’s activities evolves from the awareness that waste can become a resource

    Beginning with the preliminary stage of studies and research up to the final and execution plan of the plants, Deco S.p.A. pays particular attention to the innovation of business processes also by providing economic, financial and plant management plans, both in the operational and post-operational phase.

Being in accordance with the Community Directive 1999/31/EC transposed into Italian law by means of Legislative Decree 36/2003, the Deco SpA landfills located in Casoni (Chieti) and Colle Cese (Spoltore, Pescara) have been built adopting all those technical requirements necessary for the safeguard of the environmental compartments concerned (water, air, soil and subsoil).
Deco S.p.A. also built MSW disposal facilities in North Africa (Tunisia), in the cities of Monastir, Sousse, Kairouan and Nabeul, through Ecotì S.A., established in 2008.

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